PeerEquip® exists to promote peer-disicpleship and relational learning as a powerful way to harness the collective knowledge and wisdom of the group for enhanced learning for all, no matter what the subject at hand.

  • How many of us have backed away from teaching opportunities in our churches or ministries because we didn’t feel adequate or gifted?
  • How many of us have backed away from discipling others because we didn't have a sense of what to do, as we'd never really been discipled ourselves?
  • How many of us have backed away from potential conversations because we weren't sure how to engage people meaningfully?

By bringing intentional training and well-guided interaction into various group settings, the disciple-making function of the church can be strengthened and re-ignited!

Bible studies
home groups
service projects
women’s ministries

discipleship groups
training efforts
event coordination
men’s ministries
work teams

support groups
adult ministries
community outreach
children’s ministries
visitation ministries

Since much practical ministry of any local church is executed by members or regular attenders, it is important to provide training and support geared toward their success as they enter, lead, and develop these important areas of service, as well as shepherd others in their areas of responsibility.

By identifying resources and training that are accessible, relevant, and effective in a variety of ministry areas, offered by peers with experience and passion in a given realm, servants of the gospel in a multitude of ministries and callings can be discovered, developed, refreshed, released, and multiplied!

“Shared Learning, Collaborative Action, and Increased Effectiveness. The Great Commission is too big for anyone to accomplish alone and too important not to try to do together.”


Learning from each other both in our areas of strength and/or deficit


Sharing effective resources found in our people, materials, and experiences to bless the wider community of Christ

Increasing our effectiveness in spreading the love of Christ through our varied specialties and callings.