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Group Discipleship: Connecting Life and Truth.

Facilitating growth through relationship and discussion is the bridge to “teaching” toward discipleship and mentoring for the Post-Modern generations as well as better adult learning and change overall. Making the shift from “teaching as telling” to “guide on the side” is key to the kind of relational teaching that nurtures a lifetime disciple – and it’s something that many of us can learn to do more effectively than lecture! Because active participation is how adults learn best, we explore and practice transforming perspectives and skills for becoming a growth facilitator: peer-group interaction, modeling, and mentoring; the art of listening, offering good questions that guide toward discovery, and cultivating personal and group learning; designing discipleship experiences that transform and multiply. These life skills apply to small group Bible Studies and home groups, to a variety of ministry teams, and to the conversations we have around our dinner tables with family and friends!    

Key Concepts

Group Discipleship is a relational learning experience that helps us connect our life experiences with Truth so that we change and grow.

Group Discipleship training will hopefully help us take hold of:
  • what it means to
    • learn and be a learner (or disciple),
    • teach and also be a co-learner (or a disciple-maker),
  • and the value of
    • a learning community or group of co-learners (the Body of Christ)
    • who are guided by the Master (through His Spirit)
    • building on good content and guided discussion (God's Word)
    • in our life experiences (God's learning context for us.)

Concepts and Skills that are Explored and Practiced:

Transformational Learning
Reigniting Disciple-Making: Teaching in the Great Commission

Lifetime Learning
Ahead and Alongside: Teaching toward Disciple-Making

Adult Learning
Discipling Adults: Influences on How We Learn

Active Learning
Facilitating Growth: The Teacher as Guide and Co-Learner

Conversational Learning
Learning through Discovery: Questions as a Key Teaching Tool

Intentional Learning
The Learning Platform: Content and Preparation

Relational Learning
The Learning Community: Redefining the Small Group

Dynamic Learning
The Learning Guide: The Art of Facilitation

Honest Learning
The Learning Culture: Embracing Evaluation

Mulitiplied Learning
The Learning Context: Designing Discipleship Experiences