Wendy L. Wilson, consultant/trainer/co-learner

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Having served in various capacities in leadership training ministry since 1984, Wendy’s great joy is envisioning and equipping followers of Christ for various roles in the grand calling of the Great Commission.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Texas A&M University, and a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, Wendy began as part of a team of women who experimented with training women for the local church in Romania and Bulgaria from 1985 – 1992, then she led the Women to Women Leadership Training effort for BEE International across Eastern Europe and Russia, from 1992 - 2009.

Serving as a Vice President in a leadership training ministry (BEE/Entrust) from 1999 - 2007, she helped re-focus the mission in an overall strategic shift toward good adult education practice, intentional multiplication systems, and “training of trainers.” From 2009-2012, she led the development of a new intermission project, Women to Women Ministry Training, with a focus on serving the larger Kingdom team of missionaries and church workers. Through these years a much-requested curriculum was developed and refined, and a solid model for forming shepherds and multipliers was established through evolving best practice in group-discipleship, conversation-based learning, and inter-confessional cooperation.

Since 2012, with 30 years in missions and church ministry, Wendy serves as the Consultant for the Ministry Development of Women with the Professional Services Group of Missio Nexus, and the Founder/Director of the Women's Development Track.  By consulting with other like-minded missions, churches and partners in their efforts to steward well the gifts of women, Wendy hopes to see the Great Commission community both give and receive areas of expertise and experience for the sake of greater collaboration and stewardship of Kingdom resources.

With more than a decade as an adult education/relational learning practitioner, she promotes peer-learning experiences through her local project, PeerEquip, as key to discipleship in the local church. She and her husband Ed Dudding live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where Ed leads a private practice as a licensed counselor and process addictions therapist.


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